Market Research


At B_Servicer we believe that the basis of good advice is to have a profound source of information as well as the capability of processing, analysing and implementing it to develop innovative and creative business strategies.

The B_Servicer database consists of different sources of public information as well as its own private data which is derived from:

  • More than 500 market studies and analyses carried out every year.
  • The commercial management of Básico Homes. It is important to bear in mind that Básico Homes:
    • Has sold more than 1,000 dwellings annually in the last 3 years and more than 6,000 since 2009.
    • In doing so, Básico has dealt with more than 25,000 clients in their property search since being founded in 2009.

This informtion is expressed by:

  • Research of the real estate market supply
  • Demand analysis; both quantitative (demand estimation models and survey preparation) and qualitative (focus group, in-depth interviews)
  • Price fixing

Advisory and Consultancy


Basing ourselves on market research, we advise our clients throughout the development phases of real estate projects, being able to cover all stages of the process and carrying out specific works for each of them individually.


  • Finding real estate opportunities
  • Viability of real estate projects and business plan construction
  • Searching for solutions for complex assets.
  • Product definition
  • Commercial strategies and marketing definitions
  • Commercial audit
  • Enhanced asset management



Our vision for valuing a real estate asset is to provide the price at which it could be placed on the market at any given time whilst taking into account the specific conditions set by each client.

The methodology is in accordance with the EVS (European Valuation Standards). We apply our own analysis models based on sources of both our own information and external resources, among which are those corresponding to the homes sold by Básico Homes. This allows us to have a true vision of the market situation and its future trends, based on real sales transactions.

During the last two years, we have carried out valuations for more than 212,000 assets throughout Spain with a value of more than €17 bn, participating in the main sales processes of NPL and REO portfolios.

Investment and Disinvestment Deals


We advise our clients on investment deals and the sale of all types of real estate assets in the following aspects:

  • Creation of portfolios: selecting assets
  • Valuation of REO and NP/NPL (debt) portfolios
  • Advice on the purchase and sales processes of REO and NP/NPL portfolios. Due diligence
  • Pricing strategies
  • Business plans and portfolio disinvestment
  • Advice on the sales process of a portfolio: contacts and introduction to investors

Management and Land Development


Land makes up the foundations of any real estate project. At B_Servicer we carry out all of the services necessary for your search and development, adapting ourselves to the specific necessities of each client.


  • Search and analysis of land
  • Advice on the purchasing process, preparation of the documentation and registration.
  • Feasibility studies
  • Urban Management with the authorities
  • Change of use

Property & Asset Management


Our philosophy is based on maximising asset values and reducing operation costs, thus increasing the property´s return.

We work with our clients to understand their philosophy from a flexible management approach which allows for us to develop and implement the appropriate strategy to achieve the desired goals. We integrate the purchase, due diligence, management, leasing, construction and/or refurbishment, and sale.

With our team spread nationwide at the client´s disposal, we are able to always be closeby to every asset, visiting them regularly which is then reflected in our reports to describe the asset´s true state. This proximity to the assets enables us to provide imaginative solutions for the most challenging of assets.

  • Management of all the necessary services including asset maintenance
  • Rent collection and recovery
  • Tenant relationships
  • Enhancement plans and asset sales
  • Financial services and accountancy



At B_Servicer we apply the knowledge from the entirety of Grupo Básico in the training of our commercial departments. We teach different training modules which are adapted to the needs of the client, covering every skill put to practice within the Básico Homes departments.

The training is eminently practical and dynamic, derived from a participatory approach in which we combine the expertise and knowledge of both teachers and trainees to enrich the learning experience.


  • Phone helpline
  • Face-to-face support
  • Customer management (CRM)
  • New Build property sales techniques
  • Used property sales techniques
  • Preparation of business cases
  • Negotiation and closing techniques
  • Data Protection
  • Money Laundering

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